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Previously fronted by poorly trimmed shrubs this building was unnoticable and mundane. A new sign, trees and bright textural plantings draw the eye of potential clients on this well-traveled street. The resulting curb appeal adds value for the owner.

Loaves and Fishes Entry with New Pavers and Planter
Loaves and Fishes Entry before Landscaping

This church is a Loaves & Fishes kitchen location and the site of a Saturday Farmer’s Market. With the building’s large facilities and multiple entrances, the congregation wanted to attract additional community events. The building was begging for a face lift and some curb appeal. At the main entrance, new pavers, elevated planters, colorful and evergreen easy-care plants, paint, signage and an awning bring new life to its aging facade.

Loaves and Fishes Entry After Landscaping

A place to meet the community and sit and chat has been created out of what was once a sea of hot asphalt and slippery red tile. This historical structure has retained its original flavor and has increased its functionality to the delight of its members.

Donna Giguere,  APLD
          Landscape Design

Portland, OR